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Swagger-Core version changelog

v1.3.12 - Dec-23 2014

Bug Fixes

  • #729 jaxrs class and method-level parameters may duplicate.
  • #721 missing / when concatenating sub-resources creates invalid swagger api-docs.
  • #576 @Path on resource method different from Jersey.
  • #502 @XmlElement not working correctly on Fields.
  • #334 @ApiModelProperty(dataType='xx') not handled within ModelPropertyParser.
  • #93 Swagger-play2-util IllegalAccessError on health status.


  • #693 Cannot make converter from byte[] to String.
  • #643 play2 should infer httpMethod=XX in @ApiOperation from routes.
  • #615 Operation response type not picked up from method signature.
  • #312 Implicit params should throw error if not properly constructed.


  • New Apache Wink sample
  • New Jersey 1.X + Spring sample
  • Modified RESTEasy sample to the pet store
  • New RESTEasy + Spring sample
  • New Mule sample

Known issues

  • The CXF sample produces proper documentation but they API itself doesn't work.

v1.3.11 - Nov-27 2014

  • New Module - swagger-mule for easier integration with Mule projects. This is the first official release, even though it's also available as a 1.3.10 dependency.

v1.3.10 - Sep-21 2014

  • Fixed broken artifact for swagger-play2 for scala 2.10 and 2.11

v1.3.9 - Sep-18 2014

  • Updated to swagger-ui 2.0.24 (in the samples)
  • #667 fixed authorizations in 1.3.8
  • #633 added hidden=true support for @Api operations
  • #663 added scanning of interfaces with @Inherited annotation
  • Support for scala 2.9.x has been dropped, and the Play module support is 2.3.x and greater.


This release had a major bug in it, please refrain from using it.

v1.3.7 - Jul-14 2014

  • Removed hashes for authorization fields which are not oAuth (no ticket)
  • Added parameter descriptions in swagger-servlet module (#604)
  • Models not merged when a resource with same path is in multiple files: (#610)
  • Updated swagger-ui in samples to 2.0.18

v1.3.6 - Jun-25 2014

  • Simplified mechanism to override datatypes in the model introspection process (#588, #481)
  • Extracting models from multiple classes in the same documentation path is now supported (#560)
  • Overriding model as a primitive (#573)

v1.3.5 - Apr-28 2014

  • Added @BeanParam support for Jersey 2.x. This community contribution allows better modularization of your app by using a @BeanParam annotation. Swagger will now scan annotated properties in your POJO. #446, #537, #532
  • Better Date support for XMLGregorianCalendar, LocalDateTime #524, #525, #509
  • Updated Jersey2 sample. There are subtle but important differences in how jersey2 and Swagger interact, you can see a fully functional integration here:

v1.3.4 - Apr-2 2014

v1.3.3 - skipped

v1.3.2 Jan-16 2014

  • Added support for Jersey2
  • Simplified configuration for non web.xml
  • Fixes for Servlet integration
  • Added ApiInfo support for Play2
  • Model annotation fixes
  • Updates to OAuth2 support annotations to include scopes
  • OAuth2 server support
  • Fixes for custom model processor support

v1.3.0 Aug-12 2013

  • Added JSON-schema draft-4 support for models
  • Support for polymorphic models with discriminiators, subtypes
  • Added apiInfo so top-level API information can be annotated in both swagger-ui and elsewhere
  • Released swagger-spec 1.2
  • Pluggable readers for scanning classes, model introspection, config reading
  • Simplified overriding of model introspection
  • Support for consumes, produces, protocols, authentications
  • oAuth support in spec
  • Support for raw servlet integration
  • Resource, operation, model property ordering
  • Polymorphic model support

v1.2.5 Jun-19 2013

  • Fixes for generic objects

v1.2.4 Jun-5 2013

  • Fixed @Api paths with slashes
  • Added support for model detection with deep recursion (#176)
  • i18n support (#190)
  • Master is now stable

v1.2.3 Apr-24 2013

  • Updated to Jackson 2.1.4
  • Fix for generics as input/output values
  • Add manual model definitions

v1.2.2 Apr-8 2013

v1.2.0 Nov-27 2012

  • Updated listing path to /api-docs.json
  • Moved swagger-play2 and swagger-play2-utils to maven central

v1.1.0 Aug-22 2012

  • Spec clarifications
  • Updated to Jackson 2.0.x, added sample with scala case classes
  • Play 2.0.2 supported
  • Pluggable model processor, added configurable package introspection
  • Feature parity between JAX-RS & Play 2, java, scala
  • Made .{format} configurable
  • Added support for alternate resource listing, examples in scala
  • Moved swagger spec to github wiki

v1.01 Jan-31 2012

  • Transitioned build to Maven
  • Removed jaxrs dependencies from swagger-core
  • Moved sample server implementations into /samples directory
  • Added support for alternate API listing paths
  • Made .{format} optional
  • Added crazy scala versioning into artifact names (Scala 2.8.1 => ${artifact}_2.8.1)
  • Added test and integration test through default maven integration-test lifecycle

v1.0 Aug-10 2011

  • Initial release of swagger

Pre-release versions will be suffixed with SNAPSHOT and RC appropriately. If you want the release version, please grab it by tag (i.e. v1.0 for the release)