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The Infosec Startup Buzzword Bingo project
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Welcome to infosec hell! For background on this project, please read the blog about it.

The tl;dr is I am analyzing which buzzwords are most common among information security startups and dragging everyone along with me.

Infosec Buzzword Bingo Card infosec-startup-bingo-2019.png

The 2019 (the third) edition of my infosec startup buzzword bingo card, with ~*data-driven insights*~ into what buzzwords are abused the most by information security startup vendors.

Infosec Buzzword List

The list of the top 25 buzzwords which made the card, along with how many companies abused the term (out of 100), and whether the buzzword was present in the prior two additions of the bingo card

Cyber Tagline Generator

Starting a new cybersecurity startup? Generate your tagline here! It's a very simple Python script to create a hearty dish of snake oil served over word salads. @ me on Twitter with your most cringeworthy generations (bonus points if you create a company name to go with it).

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