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+h1. Running the Tutorials
+You need to have installed Leiningen 1.1.0. Once you've done that you can run the following if you're using Emacs/SLIME or Enclojure:
+<pre class="console">
+lein deps
+lein native-deps
+lein swank
+You can then connect to this REPL.
+h1. Tricks
+If you pass a display-proxy function to your app you can interact with the tutorials without having to restar the application completely.
h1. Trouble Shooting
The signatures of your methods are *really* important.
@@ -7,4 +23,6 @@ The signatures of your methods are *really* important.
It also important that if you use app/start that you pass in a map for the state.
-(app/start callback state)
+(app/start callback-map {})
+If you don't your program will crash immediately.

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