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SketchUcam for Sketchup

SketchUCam is a free plugin written for the Google/Trimble SketchUp CAD program that allows the creation of Gcode to control your cnc machines and bring your SketchUp creations into the real world!

The ultimate goal is to create a complete CAM/Controller solution directly within SketchUp capable of outputting 2.5D or 3D tool paths and possibly in the future will be the ability to not only output the g-code but control the machine as well. We're sure Sketchucam will be adapted for many different types of machines. This will be great. Please share.

SketchUcam is made possible though many great volunteers (super heroes) who have contributed to the project free of charge! Give a shout out to them.

SketchUcam can not be used for commercial gain or sold in any form. We are keeping this truly open source.

Thank You, Mark and Trish Carew


Please get the latest release from
and follow the install instructions.

NOTE If you download the (link at right) and follow the howtobuild.txt instructions you may be able to create your own .rbz install file. You must install the correct tools first, follow the instructions! (This is not trivial, you should rather download a RELEASE)

The MANUAL is available after you install by clicking the big blue question mark in the toolbar.
OR You can view it online here
Note that the online version may mention features that have not yet made it into a release.

A playlist of HowTo videos is available on Youtube


SketchUcam - Gcode from Sketchup, the easy way!






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