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Secure decentralized hierarchical coordination platform
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DeOps - Decentralized Operations

An experiment in creating a person to person hierarchy of trust, over which services like file systems, communication, and planning can be overlaid. The network is decentralized and users are identified and communicated with though public key encryption.

The hierarchy is built bottom-up by users that consist of the organization. Each user decides which single user they trust, and from that one decision the hierarchy is built. Ideally this results in a more flexible organization where leaders rise and fall by the trust they earn.

The network is decentralized and built to scale. A one million person hierarchy of trust could be six levels deep if one person was trusted by ten others, who each were trusted by ten others and so on, 10^6.

With no dependence on DNS, DeOps is a good solution for creating coordination systems on the fly where there is no or little internet access available. DeOps facilitates coordination, for instance multiple NGOs coming together in a disaster area and setting up an organizational structure.

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