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hsroots, the Haskell bindings to wlroots

If you haven't seen it, wlroots is the compositor library created by the same people who built sway to implement a few things that weren't possible with wlc.

What is this:

  • Basic (low! level) bindings to wlroots functionality
  • (Re)implementation of basic examples. This is mostly to test
  • cabal project to track updated dependencies (I had to expose a bit of functionality, this isn't upstreamed yet).

What this is (mostly) not [help wanted]:

  • Complete
  • well documented
  • Abstracting

This one is semi-intentional. This library is intended to expose pointers as they are, so it can be used with other middlewares etc.

  • In a good functional style

Why does this exist?

I mainly created this to support my own endavours. This implies that I will somewhat selectivly add to this as I need it in any project based on this.

Should you be interested in using this and feel like there's a feature missing, I will always appreciate PRs, and will aim to implemented feature requests in a timely manner.

Build instructions

  • Install wlroots with the instructions provided in their Readme
  • git clone --recursive https://github.com/swaywm/hsroots
  • cd hsroots
  • cabal new-build

This should download all dependencies needed for hsroots and build it together with the examples provided in this repository.