Responsive web app with full CRUD functionality using the Express framework for Node and PostgreSQL. Incorporated the tumblr API and the Passport authentication middleware for Node.
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Technical Requirements

  • Have at least 2 models - ideally a user model and one that represents the main functional idea for the app
  • Include sign up/log in functionality, with hashed passwords & an authorization flow
  • Incorporate at least one API
  • Have complete RESTful routes for at least one of your resources with GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE
  • Utilize an ORM to create a database table structure and interact with your relationally-stored data
  • Include wireframes designed during the planning process
  • Have semantically clean HTML and CSS

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL, Sequelize
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • Bootstrap CSS Framework
  • tumblr API

User Stories

  • When you are thinking of ideas for your next travel adventure and would like to create a vision board to get excited and inpsired. The search uses the Tumblr API by tagged posts.
  • You already have a trip planned and would like to save ideas, packing lists, reminders in your personal notebooks.

Approach Taken

Planned out the steps in Trello - labeled by sprint


Created wireframes with



Home Page

homepage_1 homepage_2

Sample Search Page


Backend Routes

POST /auth/signup Adds new user to user database
POST /auth/login Authenticates login details
POST /auth/logout Logs user out of account
GET /favorites/all Displays users saved favorite images
POST /favorites/search tumblr API call from user query to view/save images
GET /favorites/search Display search results on search page
POST /favorites Add a new image to user favorites
GET /favorites/:id Display a single user favorite
DELETE /favorites/:id Delete an image from user favorites
GET /notebooks/all Display all users notebooks
GET /notebooks/new Get form to create a new notebook
POST /notebooks Create a new notebook in user account
DELETE /notebooks/:id Delete a notebook in the user account
GET /notebooks/:id Display a single user notebook
GET /notebooks/edit/:id Display a single user notebook form to edit
PUT /notebooks/edit/:id Edit a user notebook name and/or content

Next Steps

  • Adding ability to add tags to favorite images
  • Add option to search the same term again with one click or refresh with new results
  • Adjust API call so that duplicate images do not show
  • Add link to tumblr blog post along with image for user to access
  • Improve styling

Other Resources Used

  • Google fonts
  • Trello