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roomba controller library for C#
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Roomba control library for C# / .NET Framework

Getting Started

1. Add namespace

using Roombacs;

2. Create instance

// Default (Default baud rate => 115200)
RoombaControl rc = new RoombaControl("COM3"); // specify the serial port roomba connected

// If you specify the baud rate, you can use constructor below instead of above
RoombaControl rs = new RoombaControl("COM3", 9600);

3. Initialize the Roomba

rc.Power(); // turn on the power of Roomba
rc.Start(); // prepare the Roomba to receive commands
rc.SetOIMode(OIMode.SAFE); // Set OI Mode of the Roomba

4. Send Actuator Commands

// Go ahead for five seconds and stop
rc.GoAhead(300); // you must specify the speed of Roomba in mm/s unit
rc.Stop(); // stop the Roomba
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