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Intercepted transmission:

From: R. W. Friedman <>
To: L. L. Dreyfus <>
Subject: Re: Bot Training Program

I'm working on it. Expect to start soon. Will let you know. -- R

From: L. L. Dreyfus <>
To: R. W. Friedman <>
Subject: BOT Training Program

Dr. Friedman,

I wanted to inquire about the status of the Bot-in-training for Bots Program. As you know, our current generation of robots have limited energy supplies, and also have limited sensory and action systems. As I understand it, when they sense, they can't act, but when they want to act, they must first plan. However, by the time they act, their sense of the world will be outdated!

The reason I instituted the Bot-in-training for Bots Program is to try to achieve a new kind of revolutionary intelligence. As chief scientist, I hope you know what this means for the company. We must push these robots to their operational limits for maximal profit!

Please let me know what the status of the program is, and when I can expect the program to start.



About BitBot


You control a Bot-in-training Bot with a limited energy supply who is stuck in a loop of sensing, planning, and acting - when you sense, you can’t act. To act you must first plan, and by the time you act, your senses may have been outdated. You must make it from the start to the goal while balancing your energy supply, and anticipating how the world might be when you begin to act.

Use the arrow keys to control your robot in planning mode, and be aware that when you execute, the world might have changed!


BitBot is an HTML5/JS game built primarily using the jaws.js library. It's procedurally rhetorical in that it aims to show what it's like to be a bot that follows the Robotic Paradigm of [Sensing-Planning-Acting][5]. BitBot is Copyright 2013 Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera and José D. Vélez.


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Special Thanks

  • Ian Coleman, M.S. Student and Professional Web Developer.


BitBot - An HTML/JS game where you control a bot, which must sense, plan, and act.







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