ScaleIO API Bindings
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A Python module for interacting with the EMC ScaleIO 1.3+ REST API.

Authors: Magnus Nilsson & Matt Cowger


  • Python 2.7+
  • Requests
  • Requests-Toolbelt
  • ScaleIO 1.3 or 1.31 installation with REST API Gateway configured (note, the Vagrantfile from @virtualswede works fine to deploy ScaleIO with for development and testing)

Module status

Goal is to resemble the ScaleIO API (not in detail) in a Pythonic way. Atm ScaleIO-py is in early beta stage and focus will be on getting basic features become stable (especially the to/from object mapping) before adding fancy functionality.

Update 2015-06-08: Now compatible with v1.31 and v1.32


  • Use "pip install ScaleIO-py" to install v0.3beta3 which is the latest released version. Master tree is going through lots of changes atm and is not stable.

For bleeding edge users:

Supported CRUD functionality

Retrieve methods

  • Get list of SDS objects
  • Get list of SDC objects
  • Get list of Protection Domain objects
  • Get list of Volume objects
  • Get lsit of Fault Set objects
  • Get list of Storage Pool objects
  • Get list of System objects
  • Get volume by id or name
  • Get SDC by id, name or ip
  • Get SDS by id, name or ip
  • Get Storage Pool by id or name
  • Get Protection Domain by id or name
  • Get Volume by id or name
  • Get list of SDC(s) mapped to Volume by volumeObject
  • Get statistics (Thanks Kevin)


  • Create Volume by Protection Domain name rename??
  • Map Volume to SDC
  • Map Volume to all SDCs
  • Unmap Volume from SDC
  • Install new ScaleIO cluster (binaries and basic configuration using IM API)
  • Create Faultset
  • Create Volume snapshot


  • Delete Volume
  • Delete Volume snapshot (by Volume Object) [Need testing]
  • Delete SDC from cluster (same as unregister SDC from cluster) [remove one of them]
  • Create Volume snapshot byt System id [Need testing]


  • Set SDC name
  • Upload binaries to be installed by IM

Code examples

Have a look in examples directory for complete code examples.

Connect to ScaleIO API

from scaleiopy.scaleio import ScaleIO
# Logging level can be change by adjusting last parameter [DEBUG, FATAL, ERROR, CRITICAL, WARNING, INFO]. If left out of class init DEBUG is assumed
sio = ScaleIO("","admin","Scaleio123",False, "ERROR)

Get a list of all attributes related to each SDC known by your ScaleIO cluster

#print all the known SDCs:

Get list of attributes related to all SDS

#print all the known SDSs:

Get list of attributes related to all known Volumes

#print all the known Volumes:

Get list of attributes related to each protection domain

#print all the known Protection Domains:

Create a new Volume in Protection Domain

#Create a new Volume (of 8192Mb, smallest possible)
sio.create_volume_by_pd_name('testvol001', 8192, sio.get_pd_by_name('default'))

#Create Volume and Map to single SDC in one operation
sio.create_volume_by_pd_name('testvol001', 8192, sio.get_pd_by_name('default'), mapToSdc=sio.get_sdc_by_id('ce4d7e2a00000001'))

#Create Volume and Map to all SDC in one operation
sio.create_volume_by_pd_name('testvol001', 8192, sio.get_pd_by_name('default'), mapAll=True)

Map existing Volume to a SDC by its ID

# method get_sdc_by_ip('ipaddr') if you want to map an Vol to SDC using its IP address
sio.map_volume_to_sdc(sio.get_volume_by_name('testvol'), sio.get_sdc_by_id('ce4d7e2a00000001'), False)

# Map Volume to all SDCs
sio.map_volume_to_sdc(sio.get_volume_by_name('testvol'), mapAll=True)

Unmap volume from SDC

#Unmap Volume from SDC
sio.unmap_volume_from_sdc(sio.get_volume_by_name('testvol'), sio.get_sdc_by_id('ce4d7e2a00000001'))

Delete a Volume from ScaleIO cluster

#Delete Volume
sio.delete_volume(sio.get_volume_by_name('testvol'), 'ONLY_ME')

Create Snapshot of Volume

snapSpec = scaleio.SnapshotSpecification()
sio.create_snapshot(sio.get_system_id(), snapSpec)

Delete Snapshot

# Consistency group Id can be found by parsing result from get_volume_by_name().
sio.delete_snapshot(sio.get_system_id(), 'consistency_group_id')

Install ScaleIO using IM API

#Install cluster using 'private' IM API
#Look in examples/ for a complete example

Get statistics data from ScaleIO

#print all statistics data: