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Prototype of ThreeJS 3D Area Graph
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WebGL 3D Dataviz

Creating an interactive 3D X/Y graph prototype with WebGL/ThreeJS.

Live Preview Link

Screenshot of graph


  • Multiple groups of graphs
  • Multple datasets per graph
  • Orthographic camera
  • Controls for desktop + mobile
  • Axis Labels
  • Hover raycasting to reveal data points
  • Hotspots placed along graph

Using this prototype, you can input arrays of data to display interactive line or area graphs. For example, the original use case was to display financial stocks prices on Y-axis and time on X-axis.

The code was built in a functional way for reusability and extensibility. It is well commented for other developers. However, although I am happy to share my work, the primary objective was not to build a library.

More info on building and using the prototype here.

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