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Swift/T Quick Start

Swift/T is an implicitly parallel programming language for composing external functions and command-line executables into massively parallel applications. The external functions may be calls to external programs, libraries, or scripting languages (via embedded interpreters) Thus, it is a workflow language for extreme-scale computing, capable of executing very large numbers (trillions) of tasks at high rates across the largest supercomputers.

Swift/T runs as an MPI program, and is compatible with Cray and IBM supercomputers, as well as PBS, SLURM, LSF, or Cobalt clusters, and can also run on a laptop (Linux or Mac).

Swift/T may be installed following one of these methods:

  • Spack

    $ spack install stc
  • Conda

    $ conda install -c swift-t swift-t
  • Debian (Ubuntu) packages

  • A script ( that automates the configure/make process

  • A configure/make source build (recommended for exotic systems)