Tools for the Piksi GNSS receiver.
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Tools for the Piksi GNSS receiver

Python tools for the Piksi GNSS receiver. This repository includes a Swift console UI application, as well as a variety of command line utilities (firmware bootloader, serial port data logging, etc.).


It is advised to install piksi_tools inside a virtualenv to avoid modifying global system state. To create a virtualenv, run:

virtualenv py2
source py2/bin/activate

Or, on Linux Mint, run:

virtualenv py2 --system-site-packages
source py2/bin/activate

To install the dependencies for the basic tools: pip install -r requirements.txt

To install the dependencies for the console GUI, first run make deps to install the systemwide deps and then pip install -r requirements_gui.txt pyside for the python deps.

Finally, pip install -e . to set up a dev install in the local dev environment.

To run the installed console from the current env, use python -m piksi_tools.console.console

Usage Examples

Console example

To just use the Swift console, download binary installers for Windows and OS X.

Latest console for Piksi Multi

Older versions of console for use with Piksi v2

For x86-64 Linux, tar.gz distributions are available for Swift Console Piksi Multi

To run the console GUI from the command line, install dependencies and run PYTHONPATH=. python piksi_tools/console/

For command line arguments, see


To run the tests and check for coverage:


USB issues on OS X

The ftdi USB drivers are finicky on some versions of OS X. See their docs for help debugging (tl;dr if you try to plug in multiple USB devices to the same port, the subsequent ones may not appear through ftdi even if they appear in the result of sudo dmesg. Only restarting your machine will fix this.)


Copyright © 2015 Swift Navigation

Distributed under LGPLv3.0.