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Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

bug #582 Prevent from dots in filespool filename (sskorc)

This PR was merged into the 5.3-dev branch.


Prevent from dots in filespool filename

Currently message stored in a filesystem as a file can have dot in a filename. This can lead to dot appear at the beginning of a filename. In Unix-like operating systems, any file or folder that starts with a dot character is to be treated as hidden (via [Wikipedia]( This can lead to unexpected errors. Eg. AFAIK [Symfony Finder]( ignores such files by default.

IMHO there is no need in allowing files to have dots in their names.


1c0c5de Prevent from dots in filespool filename
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Fabien Potencier fabpot authored


Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer is a component based mailing solution for PHP 5.
It is released under the MIT license.

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Swift Mailer is highly object-oriented by design and lends itself
to use in complex web application with a great deal of flexibility.

For full details on usage, see the documentation.
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