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This wiki is for SWIG users and developers to collaborate and share ideas on anything to do with SWIG.


Sections primarily aimed at helping SWIG users are shown below.


Sections primarily aimed towards getting involved with SWIG development are shown below.

Wiki Contributions

Everyone is welcome to edit and improve the wiki pages with anything usefully related to SWIG usage or development that isn't readily found in the SWIG Documentation at http://www.swig.org/Doc3.0. Please use the Preview facility to make sure your contributions are nicely formatted before saving any page edits. The only other contribution guideline is to please try and avoid a deeply nested page structure and to make sure new pages are ultimately referenced from the top of another wiki page.

This is the second SWIG wiki and the initial content was salvaged from the first wiki site based on UseModWiki. Thanks of course goes to all the original anonymous contributors. Unfortunately the original site had to be shut down as spam was an ongoing problem.

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