my fork of piano-man designed to refactor things as well as adding repo-based wikis.
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note: this is a fork (by swilcox) of the original...

piano-man is a project management system written with Django.

All icons used are from the awesome FamFamFam Silk icon set.

piano-man has the following dependencies:
    * Django 1.1 or newer
    * django-vcs (and it's dependencies)
    * django-filter

The piano-man mailing list is available `here <>`_.

swilcox fork goals:

    * refactor things so that Projects can have a wiki and tickets and repo
    * make the wiki so that it's actually just a code repo as well
    * provide wiki markup types (creole, textile, etc...) to other fields
    * possibly create a crude conversion from bugzilla
    * allow/handle image and binary attachments
    * improve/change style(s)
    * finish/fix anything not yet working from the original