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SwimOS version license

SwimOS is a full stack application platform for building stateful web services, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs.

  • Stateful backend: Build web service endpoints that continue to exist in-between operations. For every unique URI, run a lightweight, long-lived, general purpose compute process, called a Web Agent. Dynamically link Web Agents together to continuously synchronize their state. And use multiplexed streaming APIs to stream real-time changes to User Agents.
  • Real-time frontend: Create live web interfaces that continuously synchronize application views with real-timed shared Web Agent state. Dynamically stream only what's necessary to update visible views. And efficiently render massive amounts of rapidly changing data with a UI toolkit built like a game engine.
  • Vertically integrated: Built from first principles, the backend and frontend runtimes have zero transitive dependencies, and occupy only a couple megabytes on disk. The complete backend stack runs in a single OS process per server. And it's been proven at scale with hundreds of millions of concurrently running Web Agents handling millions of messages per second with millisecond latency.

Getting Started

Check out the SwimOS tutorials to get started building stateful web services with streaming APIs and real-time UIs.


Learn more about streaming web services and real-time web applications on the SwimOS website.


Read the Contributing Guide to learn how to contribute to the SwimOS project.

Code of Conduct

Help keep SwimOS open and inclusive to all by reading and following our Code of Conduct.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.