AppBrain SDK to monetize Android apps
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AppBrain SDK

This repository contains the AppBrain SDK and an example project how to use it. (The AppBrain SDK formerly was called "AppLift").

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Please make sure you read and understood these documents before using the SDK:

Please contact us directly at if you need any assistence, and we will be happy to help you.

AppBrain Team

Recent changes

Every release contains bugfixes and monetizations improvements.

V14.30 (July 30th, 2018):

V14.20 (June 20th, 2018):

  • Detect better which devices can advertise demanding advertiser apps
  • Fixed issue around proguard setup
  • Speed and stability optimizations

V14.10 (February 9th, 2018):

  • Improve loading speeds with DNS prefetching
  • Various other speed and stability optimizations

V14.00 (January 9th, 2018):

  • Added remotely-controllable interstitials Blogpost
  • Better protection against scammy ads
  • Speed and stability optimizations

V13.30 (November 7th, 2017):

  • Added convenient onDoneCallback for InterstitialBuilder. Documentation
  • Speed optimizations, removed potential StrictMode warnings

V13.22 (July 21th, 2017):

  • Fixed proguard issue
  • Fixed rare WebView instantiation issue
  • Workaround for rare OkHttp IllegalStateException "cache is closed"

V13.20 (July 3rd, 2017):

  • Improved support for Unity. Documentation
  • Automatic SDK initialization. (Calling AppBrain.init() is optional now).
  • Android O compatibility fixes
  • Removed RecyclerView-based ads

V13.10 (April 5th, 2017):

  • Added support for 11 more languages, bringing the total to 34.

V13.00 (January 31st, 2017):

  • Added preload() function to InterstitialBuilder. Documentation
  • InterstitialLoader now has onAdLoaded and onAdFailedToLoad callbacks. Documentation
  • Supports mediation (contact us for details).
  • Better timeouts for ad conversion rates.

V12.00 (March 24th, 2016):

  • Tag ad units with Ad IDs. Documentation
  • Made interstitial better to show in other place than at app exit.
  • Easier API to show interstitials: InterstitialBuilder. Documentation
  • Startup performance optimizations.

V11.20 (December 11th, 2015):

  • Better performing interstitials
  • More accurate identification of users who are likely to install promoted apps
  • Better handling of problems caused by devices with buggy Android OS versions

V11.10 (October 1st, 2015):

  • Reduction of promotions for apps that are not available to the current user
  • Fixes to be able to compile with targetSdkVersion=23
  • Transparent offerwall for better integration within the publisher app

V11.02 (July 21st, 2015):

  • Pop-over interstitials that keep the user engaged with your app. You can set your own border color. Documentation
  • Add native ads in Recycler Views. Documentation
  • Fixed a potential issue with Unity integration.
  • Fix an issue with the webview in-app alert.
  • V11.02 fixes a proguard issue regarding the RecyclerView ads.

V10.51 (March 23th, 2015):

  • Fixed measuring bug when AppBrainBanner is a child of a RelativeLayout