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YellowCube from Post AG - Switzerland



This extension is licensed under OSL v.3.0 Some classes and javascript contain a MIT license.

System requirements

  • Magento CE >= 1.6.x to 1.9.x
  • PHP >= 5.3.2
  • PHP Soap, DOM Library, mbstring,
  • Cron enabled and configured for Magento (set your cron at server level to a period of 5 min to launch internal task related to the extension */5 * * * * php path/to/my/magento/cron.php)


Via Copy Paste

Copy the files into webroot of Magento (you have to know what you're doing!)

Via Composer


  • Unix based OS on host machine (linux/mac os). For Windows machines please use another approach since symlinks are not supported there.
  • Web server must follow symlinks
  • For Magento you must enable "Allow Symlinks" (found under System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer)

Allow Symlinks


  • Install composer
  • Run composer require swisspost-yellowcube/magento-yellowcube


Magento Extension Configuration

In Menu `System > Configuration > Shipping Settings

User Manual / Configuration Manual

You can find the complete User Manual at YellowCube Connector page.