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ADS1115 python 2 and 3 library for Grove 4 Channel 16 bit ADC for Raspberry Pi
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Grove 4Ch/16BitADC Board Drivers

SwitchDoc Labs, December 2018 Version 1.2

Raspberry Pi Pure Python Software for Python 2 and Python 3

The Grove 4Ch/16BitADC Board contains Grove Connectors and an ADS1115 ADC.

These drivers are adapted from the Adafruit ADS1x15 Drivers.

Modifications: Version 1.0 - Made them local directory drivers - Added a rawMode channel reading routine - Made modifications to delays and then removed them - neeeded in ESP8266 systems but not in the Raspberry Pi

Version 1.1 - Fixed an import clash error. Something to do with the latest versions of the Raspberry Pi OS. No clue where it came from.

Version 1.2 - Added Python 3 support

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