WaveShare SpotPear 3.2" and 3.5/4.0" TFT LCD overlays for the Raspberry PI and PI 2
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WaveShare SpotPear 3.2" and 3.5/4.0" LCD Device Tree Overlays for the Raspberry PI

This is Device Tree Overlays of WaveShare SpotPear 3.2" TFT LCD and WaveShare SpotPear 3.5" TFT LCD for the Raspberry PI and PI 2 using notro's FBTFT driver.

Note that the waveshare 3.5/4.0" lcd's overlay is almost same with JBTek overlay.


Update: The fbtft drivers have been absorbed into the official linux kernel tree. Step 1 can be skipped.

1.) Follow the steps on notro's wiki for installing the fbtft driver on your pi/pi2 (Your PI will not boot with the LCD attached until the right overlay is specified in /boot/config.txt)

2.) Clone my repo onto your pi

git clone https://github.com/swkim01/waveshare-dtoverlays.git

3.) According to your LCD's type, copy the overlay file waveshare32b-overlay.dtb or waveshare35b-overlay.dtb to /boot/overlays as root

In case of waveshare 3.2" LCD

sudo cp waveshare-dtoverlays/waveshare32b-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/

or if linux 4.4 kernel or newer,

sudo cp waveshare-dtoverlays/waveshare32b-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/waveshare32b.dtbo

In case of waveshare 3.5/4" LCD

sudo cp waveshare-dtoverlays/waveshare35a-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/

or if linux 4.4 kernel or newer,

sudo cp waveshare-dtoverlays/waveshare35a-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/waveshare35a.dtbo

4.) Specify this overlay file in your /boot/config.txt




You can configure some parameters of the lcd module like this:


5.) reboot your raspberry pi

After then, you have to calibrate touch position as to FBTFT wiki.