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+title: Annoted history of my top 20 commands
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+<p>Well I pulled this out of the archives. I've tried looking for past versions of this but I must have just looked at them and never blogged. Pity as it would have been nice to see what I was doing x years ago. So I'll save it here for a future of me to see.</p>
+19:16:59 pippin: $ history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn |head -n 20
+95 cd # Not very surprising
+85 ls # Again not very surprising
+56 vim # I <3 this editor
+44 fgrep # Client's dodgy code base making me go hunting for stuff at the mo - grrrrrr
+34 git # I write software for a living
+27 grunt # Starting to use this much more lately
+22 node # Hipster alert but it pays the bills
+21 ruby # Again, write software for a living
+19 python # Am seriously falling in love with python
+19 <a href="">gs</a> # My alias for git status
+19 <a href="">gco</a> # My alias for git checkout
+18 <a href="">tig</a> # Love this handy command for git repo info
+17 <a href="<a href="">gwho</a> # Being nosey on git commits
+16 <a href="">ts</a> # My script to show me active tmux sessions
+16 curl # Probably testing something
+16 n # Running a few apps on different nodes possibly?
+16 heroku # PaaS stuffs
+15 <a href="">create_repo</a> # Suprised I use git for so much now
+12 phantomjs # Testing the javascripts
+ 8 <a href="">start_development</a> # How I start my apps (as certain apps have different start and dev criteria)
+<p>The biggest surprise was the abscence of ssh. In saying that I think tmux has pretty much nullified that. Also I've started to use <a href="">heroku</a> lately. Also quite suspicious in its abscene was any database shell commands. Again I am sure tmux and my start_development script has taken away the need for me to explicitly go into a db shell. Quite proud that grunt is in there - I've really started to use that for my web dev tasks lately.</p>
+<p>All in all I am pretty happy with all that.</p>

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