The Tetris is an implementation of the classic game for UEFI platform.
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The Tetris is an implementation of the classic game for UEFI platform.
I believe this Open Source application will be useful for students learning programming. 
Dedicated to my little princess Maria. 

- Simple Object Oriented structure 'Game -> Board -> Piece'
- Doxygen complient
- Periodic timer callback
- Pseudorandom generator
- Simple rotation alghorithm
- No global variables
- use __debugbreak(); for breakpoint in the debug mode


The instructions below are included as a sample and template on how a developer may integrate this code into an existing platform:

  1. Copy files into ShellPkg folder: \ShellPkg\Application\Tetris

  2. Add this app build to the NT32 build: Add the Tetris.inf to the [components] section as it is in the ShellPkg.dsc: ShellPkg/Application/Tetris/Tetris.inf

  3. Find the [PcdsDynamicDefault.common.DEFAULT] section in the Nt32Pkg.dsc file and change the PcdWinNtFileSystem folder: gEfiNt32PkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdWinNtFileSystem|L".!........\Build\Shell\DEBUG_MYTOOLS\IA32"|VOID*|106

  4. Build Tetris under ShellPkg: build -p ShellPkg\ShellPkg.dsc -a IA32 -m ShellPkg\Application\Tetris\Tetris.inf

  5. Build NT32 build all

  6. Run NT32 build run

  7. enter fsnt1: and execute Tetris.efi