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Sword2Ruby gem


The Sword2Ruby gem provides Sword client functionality when run against a Sword 2.0 compliant server. It eases integration of Ruby applications with Sword servers, taking care of things like authentication, deposit-receipts and the parsing of Sword tags.

It was developed as part of the JISC Sword 2.0 project. For more information on Sword, see: The Sword 2 specification can be found at:

This code lives at


In order to use the Sword2Ruby gem, you will require:-


To install Sword2Ruby and its associated dependencies, make sure you have Bundler installed (gem install bundler). Then update your project's Gemfile to include a reference to Sword2Ruby:

gem 'sword2ruby'

Then, on the command line inside your project folder, run to install all necessary gems:

bundle install

Finally, ensure you require a reference to the gem in your code:

require 'sword2ruby'


Refer to the Rdoc for full details of all the classes and their methods:

Example Walkthrough

Make sure you have Ruby 1.9.3 (or perhaps later) running, and then run irb to enter the Ruby command line:

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [x86_64-darwin11.2.0]
$ irb

Now try and run the following statements to post a file to Sword and then update its title:-

#Example Sword2Ruby walkthrough

#Require the Sword2Ruby library
require 'Sword2Ruby'

#Print out the version number
puts "Running Sword2Ruby version #{Sword2Ruby::VERSION}"

#Define the authentication credentials for the connection
sword_user ='sword', 'sword')

#Define the connection object using the username and password
connection =

#Get the Service Document
service ='http://localhost:8080/sd-uri', connection)

#Print out some properties for the Service
puts "service.sword_version: #{service.sword_version}"
puts "service.sword_max_upload_size: #{service.sword_max_upload_size}"
puts "service.workspaces.count: #{service.workspaces.count}"
puts "service.collections.count: #{service.collections.count}"

#Get a collection
collection = service.collections.last

#Post a file to the collection
deposit_receipt = collection.post_media!(:filepath=>"test.txt", :content_type=>"text/plain")

#Print out the deposit receipt
puts "deposit_receipt.has_entry: #{deposit_receipt.has_entry}"
puts "deposit_receipt.entry.to_s: #{deposit_receipt.entry.to_s}"

#Update the title using the Deposit Receipt's title
deposit_receipt.entry.title = "New Title"

#Print out the URL to the webpage for the item
puts "deposit_receipt.entry.alternate_uri: #{deposit_receipt.entry.alternate_uri}"


A client library in Ruby for the SWORDv2 protocol







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