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Example scripts to interact with the SXS Catalog ( and its data, hosted on Zenodo ( The data in the catalog is described in

This repo contains the following python scripts:

  • -- download waveforms, horizon quantities, and metadata for all binary-black-holes simulations in the SXS catalog
  • -- download publicly available metadata for the catalog into JSON files
  • -- convert an SXS waveform into the LVC format (BETA)
  • -- convert an SXS metadata.txt file to JSON format
  • -- compare two different SXS waveforms in the LVC format, checking if attributes, splines, and time series are the same
  • -- compare SXS data in the LVC format to data in the SXS format, checking that they agree

This repo contains the following notebooks in Examples/:

  • sxs_catalog_download_example.ipynb -- how to download and interact with catalog data
  • sxs_metadata_example.ipynb -- how to download and manipulate sxs metadata provided at
  • sxs_arxiv_metadata_example.ipynb -- how to download and manipulate sxs metadata included in arXiv:1904.04831
  • sxs_zenodo_metadata_example.ipynb -- how to download and manipulate zenodo metadata
  • waveform_tutorial.ipynb -- how to work with finite-radius waveforms and extrapolated waveforms, and how to compute the wave polarizations at a chosen sky location


  • All scripts require python 3 ( and have been tested using python 3.7.
  • and depnd on the sxs python module (, which requires python 3.
  •,,, and depend on romspline (, which is now compatible with python 3.
  • To install the prerequisites, you can run the command pip install sxs romspline, or add the text !pip install sxs romspline to the beginning of a jupyter notebook.


Please send questions to


Tools and tutorials for working with waveforms from the SXS waveform catalog




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