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Atom ansible-vault package

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Atom Package to decrypt and encrypt ansible-vault file.

Press ctrl-alt-0 to encrypt and decrypt file.

NOTE: On the first installation, package searches ansible-vault binary in /usr/local/bin/ansible-vault. If it isn't in that directory, it's necessary to set absolute path in settings tab.


  • ansible (in specific ansible-vault)

Available settings

Screeshot settings

  • ansible-vault binary path:

    The absolute path of ansible-vault binary.
    Default: /usr/local/bin/ansible-vault (pip installation - ubuntu)
    Es: (fedora): /usr/bin/ansible-vault
  • Enable automatic de- and encrypt:

    This option enables automatic de/encryt on opening of vault files
  • Use vault password file defined in ansible.cfg project:

    If there's ansible.cfg file in opened project, with this option package use it to define vault password file path.
    Es: (ansible.cfg)
  • Use specific vault password file (NB: ignored if there is an ansible.cfg):

    This option enables the package to use a specific vault password file
    for any de/encrytion actions.

    NB: if there is an ansible.cfg, ansible-vault (>= 2.4) ignore --vault-password-file option.

  • Vault password file path:

    The absolute path of vault password file. It is used when previous flag is checked.

NOTE: to use vault password file, you must set ansible-vault binary path.


Screeshot password

Screeshot encryption ok


Kyle Williams @kyle-williams-1