Calculate inverse of matrix, showing step-by-step, unlimited dimension
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Matrix Inverse Program

• Calculates inverse of matrix depending on Gauss method. • Step-by-step mode. • Unlimited dimension. • 8 numbers precision after point. • Saves the result in TXT file (same program folder). • Auto explanation in non-invertible situation.

How to use : 1- Enter the dimension of square matrix [N]x[N]. 2- Enter the elements of that matrix. 3- Program will show step-by-step result. 4- Program will save the result in TXT file.

Notice: • In some situations matrix could be very huge, so it can not be printed well on the the screen. we should deactivate "Font warp" from notepad settings to view the result correctly. • During this project, we've discovered a bug in Matlab (wrong matrix inverse), our program do it correctly of course :) more information about Matlab bug :

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