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With the release of v3.0.0, we're introducing a new changelog format in an attempt to consolidate the information presented in the changelog. The new changelog is reduced in scope to only documenting functionality changes from version to version. This ensures that the changelog is as useful as it can be. Changes which should be documented include:

  • Renamed commands
  • Deprecated / removed commands
  • Changed defaults / behaviors
  • Migration guidance
  • New features / functionalities

The old changelog can be found in the release-2.6 branch

Changes Since v3.2.1

v3.3.0 - [2019.06.17]

Changed defaults / behaviors

  • Remote login and status commands will now use the default remote if a remote name is not supplied
  • Added Singularity hub (shub) cache support when using the pull command
  • Clean cache in a safer way by only deleting the cache subdirectories
  • Improvements to the cache clean command

New features / functionalities

  • new oras URI for pushing and pulling SIF files to and from supported OCI registries
  • added the --fakeroot option to build, exec, run, shell, test, and instance start commands to run container in a new user namespace as uid 0
  • added the fakeroot network type for use with the --network option
  • sif command to allow for the inspection and manipulation of SIF files with the following subcommands
    • add Add a data object to a SIF file
    • del Delete a specified object descriptor and data from SIF file
    • dump Extract and output data objects from SIF files
    • header Display SIF global headers
    • info Display detailed information of object descriptors
    • list List object descriptors from SIF files
    • new Create a new empty SIF image file
    • setprim Set primary system partition

v3.2.1 - [2019.05.28]

  • This point release fixes the following bugs:
    • Allows users to join instances with non-suid workflow
    • Removes false warning when seccomp is disabled on the host
    • Fixes an issue in the terminal when piping output to commands
    • Binds NVIDIA persistenced socket when --nv is invoked

v3.2.0 - [2019.05.14]

Security related fix

  • Instance files are now stored in user's home directory for privacy and many checks have been added to ensure that a user can't manipulate files to change starter-suid behavior when instances are joined (many thanks to Matthias Gerstner from the SUSE security team for finding and securely reporting this vulnerability)

New features / functionalities

  • Introduced a new basic framework for creating and managing plugins
  • Added the ability to create containers through multi-stage builds
    • Definitions now require Bootstrap be the first parameter of header
  • Created the concept of a Sylabs Cloud "remote" endpoint and added the ability for users and admins to set them through CLI and conf files
  • Added caching for images from Singularity Hub
  • Made it possible to compile Singularity outside of $GOPATH
  • Added a json partition to SIF files for OCI configuration when building from an OCI source
  • Full integration with Singularity desktop for MacOS code base

New Commands

  • Introduced the plugin command group for creating and managing plugins

    • compile Compile a singularity plugin
    • disable disable an installed singularity plugin
    • enable Enable an installed singularity plugin
    • inspect Inspect a singularity plugin (either an installed one or an image)
    • install Install a singularity plugin
    • list List installed singularity plugins
    • uninstall Uninstall removes the named plugin from the system
  • Introduced the remote command group to support management of Singularity endpoints:

    • add Create a new Sylabs Cloud remote endpoint
    • list List all remote endpoints that are configured
    • login Log into a remote endpoint using an authentication token
    • remove Remove an existing Sylabs Cloud remote endpoint
    • status Check the status of the services at an endpoint
    • use Set a remote endpoint to be used by default
  • Added to the key command group to improve PGP key management:

    • export Export a public or private key into a specific file
    • import Import a local key into the local keyring
    • remove Remove a local public key
  • Added the Stage: <name> keyword to the definition file header and the from <stage name> option/argument pair to the %files section to support multistage builds

Deprecated / removed commands

  • The --token/-t option has been deprecated in favor of the singularity remote command group

Changed defaults / behaviors

  • Ask to confirm password on a newly generated PGP key
  • Prompt to push a key to the KeyStore when generated
  • Refuse to push an unsigned container unless overridden with --allow-unauthenticated/-U option
  • Warn and prompt when pulling an unsigned container without the --allow-unauthenticated/-U option
  • Bootstrap must now be the first field of every header because of parser requirements for multi-stage builds

v3.1.1 - [2019.04.02]

New Commands

  • New hidden buildcfg command to display compile-time parameters
  • Added support for LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, CGO_ variables in build system
  • Added --nocolor flag to Singularity client to disable color in logging

Removed Commands

  • singularity capability <add/drop> --desc has been removed
  • singularity capability list <--all/--group/--user> flags have all been removed

New features / functionalities

  • The --builder flag to the build command implicitly sets --remote
  • Repeated binds no longer cause Singularity to exit and fail, just warn instead
  • Corrected typos and improved docstrings throughout
  • Removed warning when CWD does not exist on the host system
  • Added support to spec file for RPM building on SLES 11

v3.1.0 - [2019.02.22]

New Commands

  • Introduced the oci command group to support a new OCI compliant variant of the Singularity runtime:
    • attach Attach console to a running container process
    • create Create a container from a bundle directory
    • delete Delete container
    • exec Execute a command within container
    • kill Kill a container
    • mount Mount create an OCI bundle from SIF image
    • pause Suspends all processes inside the container
    • resume Resumes all processes previously paused inside the container
    • run Create/start/attach/delete a container from a bundle directory
    • start Start container process
    • state Query state of a container
    • umount Umount delete bundle
    • update Update container cgroups resources
  • Added cache command group to inspect and manage cached files
    • clean Clean your local Singularity cache
    • list List your local Singularity cache

New features / functionalities

  • Can now build CLI on darwin for limited functionality on Mac
  • Added the scratch bootstrap agent to build from anything
  • Reintroduced support for zypper bootstrap agent
  • Added the ability to overwrite a new singularity.conf when building from RPM if desired
  • Fixed several regressions and omissions in SCIF support
  • Added caching for containers pulled/built from the Container Library
  • Changed keys command group to key (retained hidden keys command for backward compatibility)
  • Created an RPMPREFIX variable to allow RPMs to be installed in custom locations
  • Greatly expanded CI unit and end-to-end testing

v3.0.3 - [2019.01.21]

  • Bind paths in singularity.conf are properly parsed and applied at runtime
  • Singularity runtime will properly fail if singularity.conf file is not owned by the root user
  • Several improvements to RPM packaging including using golang from epel, improved support for Fedora, and avoiding overwriting conf file on new RPM install
  • Unprivileged --contain option now properly mounts devpts on older kernels
  • Uppercase proxy environment variables are now rightly respected
  • Add http/https protocols for singularity run/pull commands
  • Update to SIF 1.0.2
  • Add noPrompt parameter to pkg/signing/Verify function to enable silent verification

v3.0.2 - [2019.01.04]

  • Added the --docker-login flag to enable interactive authentication with docker registries
  • Added support for pulling directly from HTTP and HTTPS
  • Made minor improvements to RPM packaging and added basic support for alpine packaging
  • Pulling from a private shub registry now works as expected
  • Running a container with --network="none" no longer incorrectly fails with an error message
  • Commands now correctly return 1 when incorrectly executed without arguments
  • Progress bars no longer incorrectly display when running with --quiet or --silent
  • Contents of file are now displayed if appropriate when running inspect --environment

v3.0.1 - [2018.10.31]

  • Improved RPM packaging procedure via makeit
  • Enhanced general stability of runtime

v3.0.0 - [2018.10.08]

  • Singularity is now written primarily in Go to bring better integration with the existing container ecosystem
  • Added support for new URIs (build & run/exec/shell/start):
    • library:// - Supports the Cloud Library
    • docker-daemon: - Supports images managed by the locally running docker daemon
    • docker-archive: - Supports archived docker images
    • oci: - Supports oci images
    • oci-archive: - Supports archived oci images
  • Handling of docker & oci URIs/images now utilizes containers/image to parse and convert those image types in a supported way
  • Replaced singularity instance.* command group with singularity instance *
  • The command singularity help now only provides help regarding the usage of the singularity command. To display an image's help message, use singularity run-help <image path> instead

Removed Deprecated Commands

  • Removed deprecated singularity image.* command group
  • Removed deprecated singularity create command
  • Removed deprecated singularity bootstrap command
  • Removed deprecated singularity mount command

New Commands

  • Added singularity run-help <image path> command to output an image's help message
  • Added singularity sign <image path> command to allow a user to cryptographically sign a SIF image
  • Added singularity verify <image path> command to allow a user to verify a SIF image's cryptographic signatures
  • Added singularity keys command to allow the management of OpenPGP key stores
  • Added singularity capability command to allow fine grained control over the capabilities of running containers
  • Added singularity push command to push images to the Cloud Library

Changed Commands

Action Command Group (run/shell/exec/instance start)

  • Added flags:
    • --add-caps <string>: Run the contained process with the specified capability set (requires root)
    • --allow-setuid: Allows setuid binaries to be mounted into the container (requires root)
    • --apply-cgroups <path>: Apply cgroups configuration from file to contained processes (requires root)
    • --dns <string>: Adds the comma separated list of DNS servers to the containers resolv.conf file
    • --drop-caps <string>: Drop the specified capabilities from the container (requires root)
    • --fakeroot: Run the container in a user namespace as uid=0. Requires a recent kernel to function properly
    • --hostname <string>: Set the hostname of the container
    • --keep-privs: Keep root user privilege inside the container (requires root)
    • --network <string>: Specify a list of comma separated network types (CNI Plugins) to be present inside the container, each with its own dedicated interface in the container
    • --network-args <string>: Specify arguments to pass to CNI network plugins (set by --network)
    • --no-privs: Drop all privileges from root user inside the container (requires root)
    • --security <string>: Configure security features such as SELinux, Apparmor, Seccomp...
    • --writable-tmpfs: Run container with a tmpfs overlay
  • The command singularity instance start now supports the --boot flag to boot the container via /sbin/init
  • Changes to image mounting behavior:
    • All image formats are mounted as read only by default
    • --writable only works on images which can be mounted in read/write [applicable to: sandbox and legacy ext3 images]
    • --writable-tmpfs runs the container with a writable tmpfs-based overlay [applicable to: all image formats]
    • --overlay <string> now specifies a list of ext3/sandbox images which are set as the containers overlay [applicable to: all image formats]

Build Command:

  • All images are now built as Singularity Image Format (SIF) images by default
  • When building to a path that already exists, singularity build will now prompt the user if they wish to overwrite the file existing at the specified location
  • The -w|--writable flag has been removed
  • The -F|--force flag now overrides the interactive prompt and will always attempt to overwrite the file existing at the specified location
  • The -u|--update flag has been added to support the workflow of running a definition file on top of an existing container [implies --sandbox, only supports sandbox image types]
  • The singularity build command now supports the following flags for integration with the Cloud Library:
    • -r|--remote: Build the image remotely on the Sylabs Remote Builder (currently unavailable)
    • -d|--detached: Detach from the stdout of the remote build [requires --remote]
    • --builder <string>: Specifies the URL of the remote builder to access
    • --library <string>: Specifies the URL of the Cloud Library to push the built image to when the build command destination is in the form library://<reference>
  • The bootstrap keyword in the definition file now supports the following values:
    • library
    • docker-daemon
    • docker-archive
    • oci
    • oci-archive
  • The from keyword in the definition file now correctly parses a docker URI which includes the registry and/or namespace components
  • The registry and namespace keywords in the definition file are no longer supported. Instead, those values may all go into the from keyword
  • Building from a tar archive of a sandbox no longer works
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