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Vitaprint extruder

This repository containst files and descriptions for building a stepper-motor powered syringe extruder, which can be mounted on a general use CNC system. Feel free to fork and comment and if you have any questions, you contact us directly. Contained in the repository you will find design files, a bill of materials, assembly instructions and extrusion calibration. To use the extruder within a CNC system, you will require CNC control electronics and software, which we do not provide. At Symbiolab the extruder was tested with PlanetCNC.


All our projects are as usefully open-source as possible.

Hardware including documentation is licensed under CERN OHL v.1.2. license

Firmware and software originating from the project is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.

Open data generated by our projects is licensed under CC0.

All our websites and additional documentation are licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4 .0 Unported License] (

What this means is that you can use hardware, firmware, software and documentation without paying a royalty and knowing that you'll be able to use your version forever. You are also free to make changes but if you share these changes then you have to do so on the same conditions that you enjoy.

Symbiolab, Koruza, GoodEnoughCNC and IRNAS are all names and marks of Institut IRNAS Rače. You may use these names and terms only to attribute the appropriate entity as required by the Open Licences referred to above. You may not use them in any other way and in particular you may not use them to imply endorsement or authorization of any hardware that you design, make or sell.



This repository contains detailed descriptions of the Vitaprint extruder hardware, components and assembly.



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