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install and review HippoCMS/Magnolia/CRX #134

lsmith77 opened this Issue January 25, 2012 · 3 comments

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Lukas Kahwe Smith David Buchmann Oleg Stepura
Lukas Kahwe Smith

These are all Java based CMS that are using JCR, specifically Jackrabbit. This means they might serve as an inspiration in how content is structured in the repository. But also form the point of view of the UI.

Also since they all use Jackrabbit, once they will upgrade to 2.3.6 or later, we should in theory be able to read their data. So this might enable setups where these CMS are used for data entry and our tool chain is used to present the data in the frontend.

Oleg Stepura is also a project that is worth trying it. UI is using extJs (which license does not fit to be used in symfony cmf if I understand it correctly). Not sure if it uses JSR but the nature of content management looks similar. I tried it maybe a year ago just to play and it impressed me much.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

we have some preliminary tests done with Magnolia .. we will soon publish our findings.

David Buchmann
dbu commented May 08, 2012

the hackday with magnolia was successful. read more in the blog post:

now who is up to try with adobe crx? or hippoCMS?

David Buchmann dbu closed this April 18, 2013
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