[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Process Component
Latest commit 2d6011b Aug 16, 2016 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.1'
* 3.1:
  [Routing] Add missing options in docblock
  [VarDumper] Fix dumping continuations
  [PropertyInfo] Fix an error in PropertyInfoCacheExtractor
  [HttpFoundation] fixed Request::getContent() reusage bug
  [Form] Skip CSRF validation on form when POST max size is exceeded
  Use try-finally where it possible
  [DependencyInjection] ContainerBuilder: Remove obsolete definitions
  Enhance the phpDoc return types so IDEs can handle the configuration tree.
  Remove 3.0 from branch suggestions for fixes in PR template
  [Process] Strengthen Windows pipe files opening (again...)
  [Cache] Handle unserialize() failures gracefully
  Fix #19531 [Form] DateType fails parsing when midnight is not a valid time