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  • The method getListenerPriority($eventName, $listener) has been added to the EventDispatcherInterface.
  • The methods Event::setDispatcher(), Event::getDispatcher(), Event::setName() and Event::getName() have been removed. The event dispatcher and the event name are passed to the listener call.


  • added Debug\TraceableEventDispatcher (originally in HttpKernel)
  • changed Debug\TraceableEventDispatcherInterface to extend EventDispatcherInterface
  • added RegisterListenersPass (originally in HttpKernel)


  • added TraceableEventDispatcherInterface
  • added ContainerAwareEventDispatcher
  • added a reference to the EventDispatcher on the Event
  • added a reference to the Event name on the event
  • added fluid interface to the dispatch() method which now returns the Event object
  • added GenericEvent event class
  • added the possibility for subscribers to subscribe several times for the same event
  • added ImmutableEventDispatcher