The EventDispatcher component provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them.
nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.1'
* 4.1: (27 commits)
  Added the Code of Conduct file
  do not override custom access decision configs
  [Security] Do not deauthenticate user when the first refreshed user has changed
  fix a return type hint
  invalidate stale commits for PRs too
  add missing cache prefix seed attribute to XSD
  fix command description
  Fix class documentation
  [Validator] Add a missing translation
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix 3.4 tests
  [DI] fix dumping inline services again
  Rename consumer to receiver
  Register messenger before the profiler
  Fix phpdocs
  [EventDispatcher] Remove template method in test case
  Added LB translation for #27993 (UUID validator message translation)
  Replace deprecated validateValue with validate
  [FWBundle] Automatically enable PropertyInfo when using Flex
  [Process] fix locking of pipe files on Windows
  Correct PHPDoc type for float ttl
Latest commit c8bbac3 Oct 10, 2018