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[DEPRECATED] This repository only exists for BC compatibility with old versions of Symfony. Recent versions comes with ICU data.
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fabpot bug #11 Declare dependency on ext/intl (dzuelke)
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Declare dependency on ext/intl

Composer's error messages are confusing if the `intl` extension is not present on a system, and upcoming extension installers (think Pickle integration etc) or other means (my use case: auto-enable intl on Heroku if a dependency needs it) can enable the extension without having to alias "lib-icu" to "ext-intl" somehow.


36f7e55 Declare dependency on ext/intl
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Icu Component

Contains data of the ICU library.

The bundled resource files have the [resource bundle format version 2.*] 1, which can be read using ICU 4.4 and later. Compatibility can be tested with the test-compat.php script bundled in the Intl component:

php path/to/Symfony/Component/Intl/Resources/bin/test-compat.php

You should not directly use this component. Use it through the API of the [Intl component] 2 instead.


You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd path/to/Symfony/Component/Icu/
$ composer.phar install --dev
$ phpunit