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A configurable backend to generate and show interactive maps on top of Wikidata.

Read installation instructions.

If you are not using the version specified in installation istructions above, just run on project root:

nvm use

to use the right node version.

Service 1/3: app

The webservice app exposes the website locally on the specified port using Express.

node app.js

15 Mar 10:46:25 - WMCH Interactive maps listening at http://:::8080

node app.js --port 9030

15 Mar 10:46:31 - WMCH Interactive maps listening at http://:::9030

Enable verbose logging with debug mode:

DEBUG=1 node app.js --port 9030

or set DEBUG=1 as environment variable elsewhere (DEBUG=2 for trace, DEBUG=0 or not set for production).

You can set all the environment variables on .env file.

Service 2/3: screenshot

The screenshot server is used to take a screenshot of the map just before a map is saved to the database.

Port and url are specified on config.json.

node screenshot.js

Both the app.js and screenshot.js must be running at the same time.

Service 3/3: cron

The cron service will periodically save the results from Wikidata queries of available maps.

node cron.js

These snapshots will be displayed on a timeline.

Change schedule

Change localconfig.json as you need adding these parameters:

  • cronTime: when to execute in seconds minutes hours ... cron format. E.g. use */30 as second cron parameter to run scheduled snapshot every 30 minutes.
  • msCronWaitWikidata: milliseconds to wait between each save to History. Used to avoid ban from Wikidata servers.
  • historyTimelineLimit: how many History records will be displayed on the timeline? 0 = disable History and show only current result, without time slider.
  • historyOnlyDiff: save on database all snapshots, but display snapshots on timeline only if data are changed from the previous snapshot

Examples how to set these values are on localconfig.example.json.


The website will auto-detect the user language based on browser settings.

To force a particular language in the format using the url use the l parameter:

You can contribute to translate messages in your language.


On development or locally, the main paths are:

If the edit must be limited, /admin and /wizard paths can be protected via webserver.

External resources

External libraries are loaded via Wikimedia CDN where availables:

External fonts are loaded via:

Command line utilities


User manual

User manual in multiple languages is loaded on i18n_man/index

The user manual is available inside the app along the screenshots at the /wizard/man/index path.