Python utility to invert an image in a circle
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Inverts an image in a circle


A "Photoshop filter" effect that does the inversion of each point in the image with respect to a circle (link).

By default, the circle is centered on the image with a radius equal to one half the image's width. You can specify the location/size of the circle and the scale the output image. The color of points inverted to infinity can provided, as well as a flag to tile the output image across the plane.


# Use default settings
$ python monkey.png -o monkey-inverted.png

# Use a radius of 250 pixels, a scale of 2, black infinity color, and tile the image
$ python monkey.png -o monkey-inverted.png -r 250 --tile -s 2 -c "#000000"

monkey.png monkey-inverted.png