IR Tire Temperature Data Acquisition
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This project is designed to add IR temperature sensors to your existing data logger. The initial design for this project will support up to 4 sensors and output 4 linear analog outputs (0 to 4.096V) to your data logger (GPX Pro, AiM, Race-Technology, AEM, MoTeC, GEMS, etc).

This project will include three main parts:

  • CadSoft Eagle files for the PCB designs
  • Arduino compatible software for the PRJC Teensy-LC micro-controller
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD designs of the cases for the sensor & controller modules which can then be manufactured via 3D printing ABS/PLA or CNC aluminum.


The key component will be the Melexis MXL90614 IR temperature sensor. This sensor is a small yet accurate IR sensor able to measure the temperature of other objects without touching them- perfect for tires on a car or motorcycle!

Each sensor sends it's data via a thin single cable of 4 wires to the "brains" which decodes the digital signals from each sensor and then relays that to your data logger via a standard linear analog output. This conversion process ensures that TireTempDAQ will be compatible with virtually any data aquision system you can imagine!


All files are released under the GPLv3.