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Speed reading app for Android. Free and open-source.
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Readily is a speed-reading android application powered by RSVP technology and inspired by Spritzer project.

Example share from browser

With this technology you can read up to 1200 words per minute instead of 220 when reading normally.


####Parser of a text:

  • Normalizes: parser checks text for and fixes bad characters and duplicates of punctuation, proper spacing before and after punctuation. Also it splits too long words in smaller ones. After that text is becoming easier to comprehend.
  • Emphasizes: every word is processed in order to choose emphasis position - red letter's one, which gains maximum of your attention and helps you recognize the word in the fastest way.
  • Sets delay(optional): when you reading on such a speed, you can miss an essence of sentence. Therefore, parser sets gentle delays before punctuation, on digits and on long words to help you grasp information clearly.

####Handy controls:

  • You can change speed on the go - just swipe to top or bottom.
  • To pause or play just tap the reader's window.

####Storage of incomplete readings: ####Preview of next words in a paragraph (opitonal).

##Supported sources of text:

  • Clipboard: simply choose the "Paste" action.
  • Shared text: simply share to Readily from your browser, reader, note app, etc.
  • Files: choose file of supported extension
    • .txt
    • .epub
    • .fb2

##Languages supported

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • French
  • Indonesian (very soon)

If you know some other language and want to help - please, contact me, I'd appreciate it a lot!


This app is under MIT License.


  • Griko Nibras for Flex
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