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A GUI controller for the TinyG motion controller.
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Latest commit 1b0f4f2 Jan 9, 2015
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configs Added profile loading.. this is beta and should be testing more Jan 21, 2014
extras Fixed some minor issues Oct 12, 2012
hardwarePlatforms Fixed some updating problems and have the hardware platform manager w… Feb 22, 2014
nbproject added log messages for unsupported functions in machine controller Feb 20, 2014
src/main ported to maven. needs native libraries support Nov 5, 2014
test/tgfx/utility Added loading config support Feb 14, 2014
tools forgot to push dll Oct 18, 2013
.gitignore ignore log Nov 5, 2014 discontinued Jan 9, 2015
build.xml Text Mode working. Other changes.. Jan 21, 2013 Mostly working with a horrible hack Sep 29, 2012 Initial Commit... Small bug in sending files still. Mar 14, 2012
pom.xml ported to maven. needs native libraries support Nov 5, 2014
stepper.png Bit commit. Much changed. This is a major update. Jun 21, 2013
tgfx project installer.install4j Merge from windows fixes to master Oct 11, 2013
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