BNFinder - tool for learning bayesian networks
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BNFinder - tool for learning bayesian networks.

It can be used for both dynamic and static networks. It is written in python (requires version > 2.4, python 3 is not supported yet, but we plan to do it soon), and distributed under GNU GPL Library version 2.

The installation is performed by a single command in the source directory (it may require the administrator privileges):

python install

During the installation it will automaticaly setup fpconst and scipy python packages if needed. Also you can run it without installing:

python bnf --help

You can also refer to previous version:

Latest docs are in the doc folder of the repo. Here is the article describing latest version of BNFinder:

Frolova A, Wilczyński B. (2018) Distributed Bayesian networks reconstruction on the whole genome scale. PeerJ 6:e5692