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Enable HiDPI on macOS

Hola, this is an ongoing project targets at enable the support of HiDPI for display with a high resolution under macOS. AFAIK, there is various way to patch/force the HiDPI mode, however, I want to create a more precise and clean way to patch the system. That's why I start to build this project.

I know there's still long way to go, but this time, I want to share this patch ASAP. All the suggestions are welcome. I just added a new function which can add as much as HiDPI resolutions you want at the same time. Wish you will enjoy it!

How to use?

Download the latest by entering the following command in a terminal window:

curl -o ~/

Download the latest restore program just in case the enable-HiDPI stall the system

curl -o ~/restore

This will download and to your home directory (~) and the next step is to change the permissions of the file (add +x) so that it can be run.

chmod +x ~/
chmod +x ~/restore

Run the script in a terminal window by:


Once you finish injecting the HiDPI values, reboot your OS X and use Retina Display Menu (RDM) to choose the resolution you want.

How to restore?

Go to single mode in macOS, enter the following

/sbin/fsck -fy /
/sbin/mount -uw /

This will make your root filesystem avaiable to read and write, we then go to the home directory of your unix user name, suppose my user name is syscl, then I should type in

cd /User/syscl

Choose the restore point you want it to restore, then type in reboot to restore back to original


Change Log


  • Implemented restore script in case incorrect settings stall the system


  • Fixed the issue #16 and issue #32 by removing the redundant prefix


  • More lightweight program by removing plistbuddy
  • Cleanup redudant code


  • Fixed HiDPI inject issue on 10.12+


  • Fixed Artoria2e5's typo credit @jqqqqqqqqqq


  • Fixed variable errors/typo, fully support for 4K display credit @Artoria2e5.


  • Optimised message display, more precise and easier to read credit @transtone.


  • Fixed major bug.
  • Optimised code.


  • Fixed logical issue that causes backup failure.
  • Optimised code.


  • Added multi monitors/displays support credit @liusunpan see issue #4.
  • Optimised code.


  • Fixed a logical problem that casue the enable failure. Tested sucessfully on my HP 2009f @1600x900(now it can be switched to 1366x768, 1440x810.)


  • You can use the directly to fully enable HiDPI on your OS X.

  • Note: This is the first version of enable-HiDPI, I just tested it on 10.11.3, more function will be added late. If you find bugs please let me know through the "Issuses" tab.