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PySQLi - Python SQL injection framework

  1. Overview

PySQLi is a python framework designed to exploit complex SQL injection vulnerabilities. It provides dedicated bricks that can be used to build advanced exploits or easily extended/improved to fit the case.

  1. Why another SQLi framework ?

Simple answer: because there are other ways than HTTP requests to exploit SQLi vulnerabilities ! Most of the available tools only rely on HTTP GET/POST methods, and sometimes provide other methods.

PySQLi is thought to be easily modified and extended through derivated classes and to be able to inject into various ways such as command line, custom network protocols and even in anti-CSRF HTTP forms.

PySQLi is still in an early stage of development, whereas it has been developed since more than three years. Many features lack but the actual version but this will be improved in the next months/years.

  1. Documentation

Look at our demos or dig deeper into PySQLi's code to get more information on how to use it. We will add many other info in the wiki if we find some time.