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Authors of SystemC
John Aynsley Doulos, Inc.
Bishnupriya Bhattacharya Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Gene Bushuyev Synopsys, Inc.
Ali Dasdan Synopsys, Inc.
Alan Fitch Doulos, Inc.
Abhijit Ghosh Synopsys, Inc.
Andy Goodrich Forte Design Systems, Inc.
Philipp A.Hartmann OFFIS Institute for Information Technology
Ulrich Holtmann Synopsys, Inc.
Martin Janssen Synopsys, Inc.
Vijay Kumar CoWare, Inc.
Stan Y. Liao Synopsys, Inc.
David Long Doulos, Inc.
Cesar Quiroz CoWare, Inc.
Amit Rao Synopsys, Inc.
Harish Sarin CoWare, Inc.
Stuart Swan Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Dirk Vermeersch CoWare, Inc.