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V8 engine extension for Node allowing native interaction with systemd and its journal
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Node.js module for native access to the journald facilities in recent versions of systemd. In particular, this capability includes passing key/value pairs as fields that journald can use for filtering.

This should normally be installed using npm

Also includes a plugin for winston


Very basic (see test.js for more detailed example):

  var journald = require('journald').Log;
  journald.log('MESSAGE=hello world', 'ARG1=first_argument', 'ARG2=second_argument');


Install node-gyp to build the extension:

sudo npm install -g node-gyp

Use npm to build the extension:

npm install

Or, build the C++ extension manually:

node-gyp configure && node-gyp build

Run test app:

node test.js

Viewing Output

Quick way to view output with all fields as it comes in:

sudo journalctl -f -p7 --output=json-pretty


(c) 2012 Mark Theunissen


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