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…ved to the cgroup scope

Commit 428a9f6 freed u->pids which is
problematic since the references to this unit in m->watch_pids were no more
removed when the unit was freed.

This patch makes sure to clean all this refs up before freeing u->pids by
calling unit_unwatch_all_pids().


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Most documentation is available on systemd's web site.

Assorted, older, general information about systemd can be found in the systemd Wiki.

Information about build requirements is provided in the README file.

Consult our NEWS file for information about what's new in the most recent systemd versions.

Please see the Hacking guide for information on how to hack on systemd and test your modifications.

Please see our Contribution Guidelines for more information about filing GitHub Issues and posting GitHub Pull Requests.

When preparing patches for systemd, please follow our Coding Style Guidelines.

If you are looking for support, please contact our mailing list or join our IRC channel.

Stable branches with backported patches are available in the stable repo.

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