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meson: make it compatible with AFL and honggfuzz again
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afl-clang and hufzz-clang try to instrument the code and the
underlying compilers don't like it. It should probably be
fixed in both afl and honggfuzz eventually but until then
let's just use "raw" clang to build bpf-skeletons.

It's a follow-up to #21607
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evverx authored and mrc0mmand committed Dec 22, 2021
1 parent a9cab9f commit d2c3f14
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3 changes: 3 additions & 0 deletions
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Expand Up @@ -997,6 +997,9 @@ else
# Support 'versioned' clang/llvm-strip binaries, as seen on Debian/Ubuntu
# (like clang-10/llvm-strip-10)
clang_bin = cc.get_id() == 'clang' ? cc.cmd_array()[0] : 'clang'
if clang_bin.contains('afl-clang') or clang_bin.contains('hfuzz-clang')
clang_bin = 'clang'
clang = find_program(clang_bin, required : bpf_framework_required)
if clang.found()
llvm_strip_bin = run_command(clang, '--print-prog-name', 'llvm-strip',
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