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SystemJS 0.20.0

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@guybedford guybedford released this 24 Jan 12:40
· 508 commits to main since this release

SystemJS 0.20 is a rewrite of SystemJS on top of the 2.0 release of es-module-loader.
It remains as backwards-compatible as possible, while also tracking the changes of direction
that have been happening at the specification level.

There are a number of breaking changes and deprecations as listed below.

To upgrade, first run SystemJS 0.19 with System.config({ warnings: true }) and fix all the deprecation
warnings first before running SystemJS 0.20.

The corresponding release of SystemJS Builder is available at

For background on this release, see the blog post at

New Features:

  • Improved performance and reduced file size.
  • Supports the dynamic import('./module.js') syntax in modules, when
    transpiled with the Babel system module format with the babel-plugin-syntax-dynamic-import plugin enabled (alternatively this support is also provided by the SystemJS babel plugin).
  • Supports automatically loading Web Assembly when enabled via the flag System.config({ wasm: true })
  • New small optimized production build (5KB) for just loading System.register modules with baseURL, paths, map, contextual map, bundles, depCache and wasm support.
  • Normalization is now fully idempotent
  • format: 'system' is supported as an alternative to format: 'register'

Breaking Changes:

  • Removes the ability to use named imports from non-ES modules (eg import {readFile} from 'fs' should be import fs from 'fs'; fs.readFile). This is in order to align with the NodeJS ES module directions (
  • Removes support for defaultJSExtensions
  • Default transpiler loading is removed. It is no longer possible to transpile sources without configuring one of the transpiler plugins.
  • Setting baseURL directly is no longer supported - use System.config({ baseURL: 'x' }) over System.baseURL = x.
  • No longer possible to set['x'] = 'asdf'. Must use System.config({ map: { x: 'asdf' } }).
  • Hooks no longer exist (just resolve and instantiate as in es-module-loader). Hooks via plugins still work fine.
  • Supports IE9+ but scriptLoad support is only included in IE11+
  • deps is no longer supported for System.register / System.registerDynamic / script load
  • Global exports metadata as an array will no longer export the default as the first global.
  • format: 'esm' must now be used instead of format: 'es6'
  • A bundle with a single named System.register statement will no longer give an anonymous module value
  • No more special handling of trailing slash in CJS
  • System.load now does normalization, to match WhatWG spec. This method may well be deprecated as idempotent normalization should make this no longer necessary.
  • AMD define no longer set by default when using scriptLoad, requires manually setting window.define = System.amdDefine for scriptLoad support of AMD.
  • The separate SystemCSP and register builds are no longer available
  • Disables a previous experimental functional return variation of System.register
  • Alias feature is removed
  • System and SystemJS globals are no longer defined in NodeJS

Bug Fixes

  • depCache now uses link preloading instead of partial execution techniques which have been unreliable.