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What is it?

quetzal is a Python package providing flexible models for transport planning and traffic forecasting.






The official documentation is hosted on

Backward compatibility

In order to improve the ergonomics, the code may be re-factored and a few method calls may be re-designed. As a consequence, the backward compatibility of the library is not guaranteed. Therefore, the version of quetzal used for a project should be specified in its requirements.

Installation from sources

It is preferred to first create and use a virtual environment.

For Linux

One should choose between Virtualenv and Pipenv or use Anaconda 3.


pipenv install
pipenv shell
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=quetzal_env


Virtual environment: virtualenv .venv -p python3.8; source .venv/bin/activate or any equivalent command.

pip install -e .


In order to use python notebook, Anaconda 3 + Python 3.8 must be installed. Then create + activate quetzal environment:

conda init
conda create -n quetzal_env -y python=3.8
conda activate quetzal_env
pip install -e . -r requirements.txt
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=quetzal_env

... Or use the script.

For Windows

Anaconda 3 + Python 3.8 is supposed to be installed. You must edit the Pathuser environment variable, adding several folders where Anaconda is installed:

  • path-to-anaconda3\
  • path-to-anaconda3\Scripts
  • path-to-anaconda3\Library\bin
  • path-to-anaconda3\Library\usr\bin

PIP with Wheels (recommended)

(base) C:users\you\path\to\quetzal>windows-install-whl.bat

press enter to accept default environment name

PIP and Anaconda

To create quetzal_env automatically and install quetzal

(base) C:users\you\path\to\quetzal> windows-install.bat

press enter to accept default environment name

If you are facing SSL issues

(base) pip config set global.trusted-host ""
(base) C:users\you\path\to\quetzal> windows-install.bat

security warning: the host is added to pip.ini

If you are facing DLL or dependencies issues

Anaconda and Pip do not get along well, your Anaconda install may have been corrupted at some point.

  • Remove your envs
  • Uninstall Anaconda
  • Delete your Python and Anaconda folders (users\you\Anaconda3, users\you\Appdata\Roaming\Python, ...etc)
  • Install Anaconda