This is the official COINS 2.0 Software Development Kit for Java and .NET.
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This is the official COINS 2.0 software development kit for Java and .NET. The SDK can help you in the following situations:

  • you have a .ccr file and you want to view the content
  • you want to write some software to read or create .ccr files
  • you write software that works with Object Libraries that are specified in RDF

###Main components The SDK consists of a set of tools:

  • coins-api - software library to include in your Java or .NET project

(currently only the api is available via maven)

  • coins-cli - command line tool for Windows / Linux / Mac that contains all tools
  • viewer - view the content of a .ccr file
  • validator - validate the content of a .ccr file
  • generator - generate Java or .NET classes from an RDF Object Library

###Getting started

For using the tools:

For a Java project:

For a dotNET project:

###Documentation Visit the documentation page for more information.