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###Status Build Status

The code generating the site.

In order to build the pages

* Build Rakudo Star (2015.07 worked)
* git clone
* git clone       (this repository)
* cd Perl6-Maven
* time perl6 -Ilib script/generate.p6 --outdir=/home/gabor/work/ --indir=/home/gabor/work/

It took about 3 minutes to generate all the pages using Rakudo Star 2015.07 on MacBook Air

To run all the test try:

prove -e 'perl6 -Ilib' t/


PERL6LIB=lib prove -v -r -j1 --exec=perl6 t

TODO: Generic web site related

* Use the data collected for the Index page to create a keyword search box just as the perl5maven site has.
* In the index page remove the main bullet points and possibly also the secondary bullets
  instead of those add color coding for the source (article/module/tutorial/doc/syn)
* Remove /tutorial/index and redirect it to /index
* Unite the templates for regular pages and slides. Regular pages should have their next/previous empty.
* Create Perl 6 module to generate Atom and RSS feed and publish it. Or is there already one?

* Module to fetch list of users from a Mailman site
* Integrate that into sending e-mails directly, set various header in the e-mail
  and include banner and instruction how to unsubscribe.
* remove hard-coded values from the code